Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Breakfast Lattes (Sorry, Rainbow Riders)

Our big kid got us a milk foamer for Christmas and since I'm slowly reintroducing a little coffee each day (because I miss coffee but decaf is a pain and too much caffeine makes me twitchy since I quit cold turkey during my first pregnancy) I've been making vanilla lattes.

They're delicious.

The girls agree.

This morning I made myself one and the girls requested a sip. Instead (since I had extra frothed milk) I gave them a sip of coffee in their own cups and topped it with milk. 

Marie took a sip... 

...ended up with a latte mustache... 

and said, "I like it!" 

Bettie looked in her cup with a little trepidation... 

...took a sip... 

 ...and said, "I like it, too!" 

Then we did the "cheers." 

Marie said, "I cheer, too!" 

I can't imagine that that tiny amount of coffee is going to send the kids into the stratosphere but if it does, sorry, Rainbow Riders. If they're anything like their daddy (and they are), they'll build up a tolerance soon enough. 

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